The Real Honduras 

After saying goodbye to my little paradise home in Utila, 3 friends and I left our backpacker bubble and set off to explore the real Honduras.  Honduras has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous countries in the world which I myself believed and only ever planned on crossing straight through. I have to say I’m so glad I didn’t, as we never encountered anything but friendly locals so willing to help and so happy to have you in their country. 

Arriving back on the mainland felt like such a shock to see actual civilisation again, where there’s cars and not just tuk-tuk drivers almost knocking you over. After a month I still hadn’t got used to the creole accent which is supposed to somehow resemble English, so was relived to actually be speaking Spanish again! We spent our first day just visiting the shopping malls and binging on fast food chains and I got to try my first ever Wendys! Just your typical 4th July meal with the Americans I was travelling with, also celebrating not having to eat another bloody baleada!! 

Lost my Wendy’s virginity! And 3 veggies here totally eating meat – WORTH IT

The 1877 hostel is perfect if your staying in La Ceiba and helps organise tours to the river which we visited to do the white water rafting. This was so much fun and depending on the rain can get up to a level 4/5 in some parts. We were even given life jackets and helmets which is saying something for Honduran safety standards. 

Spanish words for ‘forward, back, get down’ ingrained in me for life

We then made our way to San Pedro Sula, where we somehow landed staying for free in the most luxurious apartment of a friend from the Island (who I had never even met?!) and got treated to a free dinner and the maid making us breakfast in the morning. He very kindly drove us around SPS to some of the sites nearby; the fortress and the waterfall. 

Spanish fortress – touring one of the murder capitals of the world
We then headed up to Lago Agoja to stay at the DnD Brewery. This is everything you could want in a hostel – good wifi, amazing food and a micro-brewery! Only L to try all the beers ranging from coffee to raspberry. They also served chimmichurri cheese fries which were just so good they defo deserve a mention. 
Beers and bonfires at D&D brewery

From here you can visit the lake and go kayaking, try the spelunking in the caves and see the Pulhapansak waterfall which we did. This was honestly one of the scariest/coolest thing I’ve ever done, which would of course not be allowed in any 1st world country. We arrived and took our pretty pictures by the biggest waterfall in Central America while we waited for our tour to start. 

We were literally standing in the middle of this huge frickin cascada!!!

We had heard from friends that the experience was pretty intense but we didn’t expect to be clinging on for dear life to a slippery rock face as a huge 44m cascade of water pounded our backs! We were told to just keep our heads down and feel for this flimsy piece of rope loosely nailed into the rock face – as if we had any other choice while being blinded by all the water and trying to hold onto any breath we could take, all the while thinking: shit me, I am going to die. Of course no helmets, harness or any kind of safety was involved but I doubt the experience would have been as fun without the risk of one wrong step or snap of rope sending us to our deaths? We made our way to 3 small caves before working our way back, feeling so invincible to have made it out alive!

Survivor selfie!

We then headed back to San Pedro Sula for 1 last night in La Hamaca hostel, highly recommend for anyone who has to stopover in the city! Honduras has so much more to offer that we didn’t even get to see, I would stress to anyone not to miss such a green and beautiful country!

Utila squad on tour!

T x

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